Yes it has been too long, and for the moment we do not have a whole lot to say. Currently we are looking for information about the brand new minifig set series M, and perhaps someone to give us a minifig centric review of the new Lego movie – any readers feel like taking a shot?

Any thoughts, or want to review for us, just make contact. See you soon.


Minifig Giveaway!!!

The minifig odyssey blog has been active now for just a short 6 months. So to celebrate the blogs ever increasing popularity we have decide its time to give away a prize, and what better prize than a Lego minifig ( really what else did you expect ). Before that some details about our progress.

The blogs traffic numbers have shown a slow but steady increase since we started and we are now getting regular visitors from all across the EU, North Americas, South Americas including Peru and Brazil, South east Asia including Vietnam and Thailand, and of course Australia. There are plenty more, but too many too mention. For those of you interested, our top country for visits is France, followed by USA then Indonesia, while Russia, Bolivia and Croatia make up the bottom.

From everyone here at the Odyssey, we would like to give a huge thank you for visiting and helping to contribute to the blog! So to celebrate we are giving away a free Lego minifig from series 11 – The welder! , all you need to do is leave a comment, stating your favorite part of a minifig ( e.g. head,hat, body, legs, equipment, etc.. ). To leave a comment you need to click the title of the blog post at the top, then scroll to the bottom to use the comment feature, remember you will need to check back to see if you have won, so perhaps use notify me of replies to my post feature when you comment. Here is a photo of the shop where the prize minifig was purchased.


Entries will close in late November 2013, the winner will be chosen at random, you WILL need to check back here to see if you have won and arrange postage ( all free of course! ) – use the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” option to be sure to know if you are a winner.

Remember to spread the word about the blog and this prize, the more visitors the more often we can give stuff away.

Minifig apps


A great free app for android devices is minifig collector,main-v2 this free app ( you can even have it free without advertising, but its good to support the app ) is a great addition to any android based device.

As you can see in picture it is a fantastic library of all collection series minifigs to date ( series 1-11 ), you tap the minifigs you have, and tell it how many. Its perfect for comparing lists with friends and just checking in on exactly what you have.

You can also browse all the minifigs to date in high resolution images. The app also supports linked account with Brickset.com so that you can also upload your collection and sync it over different accounts.

Overall a great free app and a must have for any minifig collector. Dont even think about it, install it now, use the QR code:


Can anyone tell me the different between “You have” and “In hand” on the app?

Product review – Lego water bottle

Its product review time here again at the odyssey. This time we are reviewing the Lego water bottle with a minifig head as the cap. IMG_0837 The bottle itself is just over 23cm tall and fits nicely in your hand.

The minifig head at the top is large ( 5 cm tall ) but makes for a great grip on the bottle. You will be able to carry 400ml of water ( or any other liquid that isn’t too hot ).

As mentioned the bottle is not designed to carry around hot liquids so don’t try.

The best feature of the bottle is cleaning, to clean you simply unscrew the bottom cap! ( it can be very tight the first time ), and now you can give a very thorough clean to the whole bottle.IMG_0840 You can see where the bottom cap screws on here.

The only downside to the bottle may be a slight plastic taste on the first few uses, but a good cleaning with warm soapy water and rinse and dry should fix this up. You will want to make sure you clean the head cap screw threads fairly regularly, something true with most water bottles.

Overall a great product for any minifig fan! Priced at around $/€10. Enjoy some pictures, remember to rate comment and like the Odyssey and to follow us on twitter!IMG_0838







The Golden Ratio in Minifigs

IMG_0836The Golden ratio is a number, that appears in many place in the natural world, that number is approximately 1.618… ( see here for more info )

Often times when this number appears it is pleasing to the eye. Today, we here at the odyssey have discovered the ratio in one of our minifigs, not that surprising since they are all very pleasing to the eye. But we though it was worth mentioning.

The farmer minifig above ( found in set 7634 ) when broken apart looks like this ( click for larger image ), carefull measurement yields the following results:IMG_0835

Torso height = 1280mm and Torso width = 790mm, producing a ratio of approximately 1.62 – the Golden ratio!

Have you found the Golden ratio anywhere else in Lego? Let us know please!

Series 11 Lego promotion card

Hello and check this out!


While purchasing some series 11 minifigs today, we got two very nice surprises. First the lovely shop assistant informed us that we may want to swap one of our minifigs since she was able to tell by touch alone that two we selected were identical! ( she must have read this ) Its the first time that ever happened and was a lovely surprise.

The next, was after our purchase she gave us the card seen here. It seems that Lego are doing a promotion that five minifigs gets you one minifig for free! Here is what the card looks like:IMG_0818

Of course after our purchase we made sure to fill out the series 11 survey that the minifig odyssey is holding

That’s all! please tell us if your shop is doing the same deal?

As always please rate and comment.

Reminder for series 11

Hello all,

So the site stats are good and page views per week are increasing ( albeit from a small base ), so thank you for your continued support!

We have added a page here on feel guides so please check that out too. We will be posting our full guide to series 11 feel guides shortly.

Please remember to help us compile some data on series 11 too

Also, there will be a minifig give away for one lucky reader in the coming months – so stay tuned and check back regularly.

See you soon!